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America Futebol Club
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Rua Campos Sales, 118
(21) 2569-2060 / (21) 2565-7916 / (21) 2567-7478
Mon: 09:00-17:00
Have the Sex: 08:00-20:00
SAT, Sun, holiday and holiday Eve: 08:00-17:00
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Tijuca , In the seat has different spaces dedicated to sport and leisure, among them three pools (olímpica, semi-Olympic and childish), sand courts and synthetic grass. In addition to the arena where futsalchampionships take place. The Club also has an infrastructure for the realization of sports schools for children and adolescents.

The space has halls which may be reserved for events of up to four thousand people. At Headquarters, is also located the TheaterMax Nunes. 

America F.c.

Founded in September 18, 1904 the America Football Club agremiação esportiva do is traditional in the carioca life. Mecão Also called by America their fans already played more than four thousand times in its history accumulating large titles such as the tournament of champions in 1982, sponsored and organized by the CBF (Brazilian football Confederation).

According to the status of club accentuate the " America " name is wrong, since its founders chose English spelling.

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Weekend roadmap: Kiss on the shoulder

Nothing more annoying when you're full of work, comes his friend and posts a photo having so much fun on vacation, his smile is not only bigger than the pile of work in front of you. This is where a hint of jealousy surge within you. But, relax. Now it's your turn. The weekend is here, you are in Rio de Janeiro, the summer calendar is full of festivals, concerts, music and interesting people in all corners of the city. Enjoy!!! And don't forget to register all their smiles to send that "kiss on the shoulder" the envious on duty. Check out the highlights of the carioca programming.

Friday, 17

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Saturday, 18

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Sunday, 19

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Second, 20 (holiday)

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Weekend roadmap: Back Sun!

After a week of intense rain, finally got a break-for the overall happiness of cariocas. Were days away from puddles and dreaming of the time to return home and enjoy the perfect trio ' bed-blanket-food '. Now, it's time to wear comfortable clothes and go enjoy to the fullest, the Rio de Janeiro off the couch!

Friday, 08

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Saturday, 09

Weekend roadmap: Self Day

This month we celebrated some things: parents ' day, the artists, the cheese bread, Bachelor ... But what about "self day"? One day you might actually be the protagonist of life itself? We Decided! Is established: 23, 24 and 25 are the days to have their wills in the center of your life! So free yourself. What is your desire?

Friday, 23

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Saturday, 24

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Sunday, 25

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Weekend roadmap: vacation, or almost

Officially the holiday season has not yet started. Everything should be working normally. But, with the arrival of December, the end of the year approaches. Full beaches and the party swarming with tourists and locals indicate that the city is in the warm up for the summer. After all, they are practically holidays.

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National day of Samba

"Samba is that they want and nothing more". Sunday is the national day of the samba and the pace so beloved among the cariocas, deserves attention. The order is samba. Tests for schools, feijoadas and wheels occur throughout the city, after all in the "Rio de Janeiro samba everyone goes, is always samba". Parted some events that honor the pace for you to enjoy this weekend.

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Weekend roadmap: it's the weekend of Rock!

Increases the volume that rock is good when heard on high. With the international day of Rock on Friday, the rhythm that is contagious and spreads through generations by Rio de Janeiro and ensures a weekend "animal, beast".  From Saturday the rhythms already vary more and have option to all tribes.

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Weekend roadmap: holiday of Corpus Christi

Finally we reached over a weekend! Will be 4 days of rest ... But if you're not managed to be programmed to go travel, go enjoy the Jazz Festival in Rio das Ostras or will have to work in full Friday, don't worry! After all, the River will be full of parties, concerts and gringos!

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Weekend roadmap: Let me play be happy

There is no mention in anything else in town! After five months, the wait is over. On Thursday began the season of concerts of beards, Brazil's most beloved and fans, depleting the tickets of Foundry in no time will ultimately follow the band's greatest hits. After all, if all Carnival has its purpose, it is better to play and be happy. But, if you're not so worshipper is depressed without entry or stay quiet: the city will pump with events for all types.
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Weekend roadmap: life's a party!

The motto of many people is "life is a party!" According to them, so it is more fun. After all, surely you will be surrounded by good music, beautiful people and lots of flirting. So why not take life like that? This weekend is very inspiring for those who want to begin to adopt the style: the city's agenda is full of holidays to you.

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Weekend roadmap: Party on!

cariocas Not the will forget so soon the weekend which begins today. Maybe for being December, perhaps by luck in the coming days attractions Ney Matogrosso, Ben Harper 's porte de Kings of Convenience and compete for Madureira Disco Club attention with Novas Frequências Festival Samba da Ouvidor and the! The watchword is to have fun and celebrate the city in celebration. Stay inside!

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The Surroundings
Teatro Max Nunes


Located at the headquarters of the America Football Club, the theatre has capacity for 276 spectators.
Formerly known as Teatro America, was renamed in honor of the humorist, and team supporter, Max Newton Figueiredo Pereira Nunes after retirement in 2004.
Currently, the theatre has been dedicated to presenting children's parts.
Titles of America Football Club


  • Tournament of Champions: 1982
  • State

    Campeonato Carioca: 1913, 1916, 1922, 1928, 1931, 1935 and 1960.
  • Campeonato Carioca Série B: 2009
  • Taça Guanabara: 1974
  • Taça Rio: 1982
  • Copa João Ellis Filho: 2010
  • Torneio Extra: 1938 and 1952
  • Tournament start: 1948
  • 1945: Lightning tournament
  • International

  • Peru-Peruvian Press tournament: 1955
  • Tournament International Soccer League II-USA: 1962
  • International Tournament Negrão de Lima-Brazil: 1967
  • Costa Dorada-Spain tournament: 1983
  • Regional

  • Taça Ioduran: 1917
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