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Rua Murtinho Nobre, 169
(21) 2252-1039


The Cultural Centre of the Park was opened by the city of Ruins Rio de Janeiro in 1997. The project is of architects Ernani Freire and Sonia Lopes and blend the structures of iron and glass walls in ruins.

The ruins are the remnants Laurinda Santos Lobo House (1878-1946). The mansion was constructed during the Empire Joaquim Murtinho Nobre to the Minister. Niece Laurinda and heiress, reformed the place in the years 1930, for their housing and ali maintained an intense cultural life. Promoted many festivals and evening gatherings that met intellectuals and artists of the time. With his death, the palecete was completely abandoned.

The creation of the cultural centre meant that the place could be a home for art. The exhibition room, the Auditorium, the external area, the magnificent view, all this among the ruins, make the peculiar environment, comfortable and enjoyable.

Nowadays are made music concerts, exhibitions, happy hours and is also a great ride to Sunday.

The vista

Located high Santa Teresa Hill in the Park is a beautiful lookout. From there you can have incredible views of the city centre and carioca waterfront wide.

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Laurinda Santos Lobo was dubbed by the chronicler John of the river of "marschallin of elegance"

Joaquim Murtinho Nobre

He was a doctor homeopath who was born in Cuiabá in 1878. His family was very rich, the money came from businesses in the agricultural industry, industry very prosperous at the time.

Park of the Ruins

With a group of friends, we follow the hillside Santa Teresa towards the Park of Ruins.

There, verrrrry on top!!
We took the elevator back down, delighting us with the climate in the neighborhood.

It wasn't hard to get, the path is simple and well signposted. By Selarón staircase, climb the Hill and another Hill and another ramp.rs.

Great ride, mainly cultural.
In the Park of the ruins there are many cultural activities--mainly musicals. Worth knowing, have fun, be delighted by the sight ... and detail, for free!

The Park of the ruins, is located on the grounds of a mansion which has hosted illustrious people like Villa Lobos and the dancer Isadora Duncan in his heyday, in the early 20 century. Today recovered and has a lookout with magnificent view to the city of Rio de Janeiro and Guanabara Bay.

by Dada Ferreira

- - -

Carioca, a blogger from the focus of the OWL, photographer and lover in love with the wonderful city. Through her blog, she discloses charming places with super tips.

Weekend roadmap: Vinicius Watercolor

The weekend in Rio will be full of grace. On Saturday, day 19, Vinícius de Moraes would complete 100 years of life. In tribute, our roadmap of weekend arrives stuffed by humps, girls of Ipanema and sambas; After all, this was his way of prayer. And of course, let's not forget to draw a yellow sun on a piece any-who knows the star King does not give the air of his grace.
Will! Will! Will! Will! Love!

Friday, 18

See all programming

Saturday, 19

Sunday, 20

Weekend roadmap: Buddy

In the climate of friendship, the screenplay by weekend plays the role of buddy good people which is always leading you to the best nights out and brings the program highlights. Then join your friends and come out to enjoy.

Friday, 19

Check out the full agenda Friday.

Saturday, 20

Check out the full agenda Saturday.

Sunday, 21

Check out the full agenda Sunday.

Weekend roadmap: holidays

Now it's official: the holiday arrived. Time to enjoy the intense blue sky days and pleasant climate, which allow a whole day. In the evening, for amazing July cold, nothing like the annual ticketed on the dance floor.

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Valentine's day

The locals, both men and women, is reputed to be great in the art of conquest. Because being single in Rio de Janeiro is a delight. But when we fall in love, there's no way, want to stay close and walk hand in hand. Dating is all good. Once again the river collaborates with perfect scenarios for couples in love.

On facebook of TodoRio asked what would be the best place for a perfect meeting. Deservedly, the Striker was the most suggested. Really, it's beautiful, romantic and works for new and old couples. This week in which the romance is in the air, can be a tip to enjoy a weekend together.

The other suggestions which appeared show a carpenter who would rather have their outdoor meetings. We add to this list also the Praia Vermelha, Urcaand the Park of the Ruins, in Santa Teresa, two corners very nice to walk around.  Check out the places suggested below.


  1. Copacabana Fort
  2. Mirante do Leblon
  3. Mirante do Pasmado
  4. Paineiras
  5. Waterfall Garden
  6. Joatinga Beach
  7. Grumari Beach
  8. Praia da Macumba
  9. Palm PIscinão Palm

The conquest by the stomach

Following the maxim "the best way to hook someone is through the stomach" restaurants appear as good alternatives for lovers at that time. Is the opportunity of a pleasant climate, with a good crop, food and drink, without boring the dishes after. Check out the suggested restaurants below.

  1. Belmonte
  2. Guanabara Pizzeria
  3. Palaphita
  4. Trapiche Gamboa
  5. Emporium
  6. Corner of Santa
  7. Bar Urca
  8. Supernatural
  9. Navy Blue
  10. Zuka

Bairro do Amor 

Lapa, Urca and Copacabana appeared among the suggested. But when it comes to be romantic we cannot leave out the charming neighborhood of Santa Teresa and the stunning Lagoon.

Theatre: Antigone

From the 1st of June, the off-axis group presents "Antigone" in the Municipal Cultural Center Park of Ruins. Assembly, directed by Fernando Philbert, brings innovations: the story is told through a mirror. What happens on one side of the stage, takes place on the other and, therefore, most of the characters are played by two actors, such as Antigone and Creon. In the case of Creon, the character is experienced by an actor and an actress. Beyond the intriguing format, adapting contemporary elements inserts in Greek tragedy, as the costume of Elisa boiler and the use of iPads, iPods and other technological objects at specific times.

The Assembly was originally conceived as an exercise in one of the classes of the vocational college of CAL-Casa das Artes de Laranjeiras-, but with the positive impact of the work to the public, the Group decided to do a season outside of the school environment encouraged by teachers and the Director. The tragedy of Oedipus, Antigone, daughter is told by group actors Out: Ana Elisa, Boiler, Evandro Mattei, Flavia Bittencourt, Gabriel Lincoln, Ian Barnes, Mariana Lordêlo, Ahmed Badr, Natalia Gumprich, Ph D, Rodrigo Cerqueira, Olivia Colombino and Yndara Babu.


The off-axis Group is formed by students of the vocational college of CAL (Casa das Artes de Laranjeiras). The name comes from an exercise done during the teacher's lessons and actor Ken Prudentius, which fetches the imbalance and the physical discomfort to solve questions of characters studied. The group is known to be extremely excited and participatory, not to say somewhat messy, however, always has good results, soon, identified with the name off-axis, assuming as part of creating a moment of imbalance.

The off-axis search also explore the individual skills of its members. Actors who are part of the cast also collaborated with other aspects of Assembly, participating in the costumes, production, direction, scenography and visual programming. In addition, the Group has the experience of lawyers, publicists, dancers, visual artists and producers in training, all for the sake of the success of the group that will continue showing other parts after "Antigone".


Antigone describes the trajectory of the daughter of Oedipus after the death of his father and brothers, who kill vying for the throne of Thebes. One of the brother, Eteocles is considered hero and buried with all the honors and rituals of the culture of the time. Already Poliníces, is considered traitor and as a penalty, it is forbidden the burial with the threat of death to those who desacatasse the orders of the new King, Creon, uncle of Antigone. Despite this, the protagonist buries Poliníces, arousing the wrath of Uncle.

The main theme of the piece is the clash between natural law, advocated by the heroine, and the positive law represented by the figure of Creon. In the course of the text are also covered topics such as love, pride, vanity, and the clash between generations in the questioning of the hierarchy and the arrogance of the parents. The central axis of the piece is the courage and boldness of Antigone to bury Poliníces. Despite the ban of Creon, she faces the current political and social organization, enforcing their individual conscience and values considered divine by it and untouchables.

This text of Sophocles is your first cry of protest against the omnipotence of the rulers and the arrogance of adults and is unique in that the central theme of a Greek drama questions the conduct in political and moral dimensions, and may be discussed with the same fundamentals and interests at any time and place.

Season: from 1° to 29 June (Saturday)
Location: Municipal Cultural Center Park of Ruins (Rua Murtinho Nobre, 169, Santa Teresa)
Information: (21) 2252-1039
Time: Saturdays at 4:0 pm.
Admission: Free
Duration: 60 minutes
Age Rating: Free
Capacity: 35 places
Genre: Greek Tragedy

Text: Sophocles
Translation: Mário da Gama Kury
Directed By: Fernando Philbert
Assistant Director: Yndara Babu
Cast: Ana Elisa, Boiler, Evandro Mattei, Flavia Bittencourt, Gabriel Lincoln, Ian Barnes, Mariana Lordêlo, Ahmed Badr, Natalia Gumprich, Ph D,
Rodrigo Cerqueira, Olivia Colombino and Yndara Babu
Musical direction: Maíra Garrido
Musician: Carlos Eduardo Lane
Scenography: Fernando Philbert and Yndara Babu
Stage lighting: Vilmar Olos
Costumes: Elisa Boiler
Visual programming: Elisa Boiler
Production team: Flavia Bittencourt, Ian Barnes, Mariana Lordêlo and Yndara Babu
Press Office: Clarissa Braga
Support: Casa das Artes de Laranjeiras (CAL)

** text sent by the Press Office

FLIST 2013

The Santa Teresa literary festival reaches its fifth edition. Inspired by the FLIP of Paraty, the FLIST encourages reading in the city and joins the other literary initiatives to transform the River in a city reader.

Taking advantage of the scenario that the fall brings, the weekend will be even more poetic in the hills of Santa Teresa. The weekend (4 and 5 May) will have 8:0 pm.

Literary spaces were baptized with the names of the authors honored: Lygia Bojunga Nunes, Manoel de Barros, Bartolomeu Campos de queiros, Joel Rufino dos Santos and Ana Maria Machado.

Meet the Permanent Points of FLIST | Meet the 2013 FLIST releases

Check out how was the FLIST 2012:

SiteFacebook | Twitter

Weekend roadmap: Ipanema

Darling, charming, stylish and super ... birthday girl. We're talking about Ipanemaneighborhood supplementing 119 years today of pure inspiration and contribution to the cultural life of Rio de Janeiro.

It was there that, sitting at a table of the old Bar Veloso (today, the girl from Ipanema), Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes finished the letter of March Waters. Not to mention the girl from Ipanema, one of the most played songs in the world, which had its inspiration in the neighborhood--or on girls that attended. Tropicália and Bossa Nova also were born and grew up in the streets; the Circo Voador rode his first canvas in Arpoador and there landed with their rock concerts. This just to name a few examples.

In honor of Ipanema, we gather some events that are the face of the neighborhood: eclectic, dictators of fashion and full of grace!

Friday, March 26

Saturday 27

Weekend roadmap: Congratulations, Rio!

"Wonder City. Purgatory of beauty and chaos ". Is the sound of Rio 40º we give our congratulations to wonderful city. At the height of the form, she doesn't even seem that is celebrating 448 years. Your scenarios agree always different and we never get tired of. The charm and the elegance of its residents give the finishing touch to this beautiful, crazy and unique experience that is living in the River. Parties and concerts will not miss to celebrate this anniversary. After all, life of Rio. Laugh, chat, flirting, kissing, dating, jokes, joke. Good, eh?!

Friday, 1

This pro Carpenter!
Since we are cariocas and today is anniversary of Rio, are we that we get the gifts. The case of Rio de Janeiro have many postcards to sing happy birthday. Choose one and take the opportunity to enjoy before the evening start.  

Check out the full schedule Friday

Saturday, 2

This pro Carpenter!
If the weather is better can also face a trail and be delighted by the sights that are ... lose the words.

Check out the full schedule Saturday

Sunday, 3

This pro Carpenter!
Choosing the destination of that Sunday as Lapa you can give by taking advantage of the tour to enjoy the Arches. Maybe not give that climb on Santa for lunch at the Miner's bar?! Take a walk at Largo dos Guimarães, Curvelo and the Park of the ruins.
But if the choice was the South, your gift can be a paced on the edge to make the track closed. Run, play, enjoy and take many pictures.

Check out the full agenda Sunday


See the Gallery of photos submitted on Instagram and in Facebook TodoRio.

Reacts, Artist!

On February 1, 2013, part of the theatres were closed by the municipality of Rio by not being fully settled with the safety standards. Ok, it is mutually agreed that our spaces must be suitable and safe for the public.

On the other hand, life and theater continue. If there is no stage, use the sidewalks. If you don't have public lighting, searchlight. If any spectators, the art is still alive, plural and active. Thinking about it, the shows that had their seasons stopped spread through the streets tomorrow, day 28 February, trying to show at least a part of what the public would see inside the theater. If there could be.

A good show!

Programming | Day 28/02

The doctor and the monster
Where: Small Coffee
Time: 08:00 pm

A plan for two
Where: Sérgio Porto Theater
Time: 09:00 pm

Where: Largo do Machado || The piece would be at Hi Future Flamengo
Time: 09:00 pm

Where:Teatro Ziembinski
Time: 08:00 pm

The Cook, the baby and the owner of the restaurant
Where:Maria Clara Machado Theatre, Planetarium
Time: 05:00 pm

Clear Silences – Clarice Lispector
Where:Park of the ruins
Opening hours: 08:00 pm

The Crocodile
Where:Selarón staircase || The piece would be playing in the Park of the ruins
Time: 9:0 pm

On Sundays
Where:Maria Clara Machado Theatre, Planetarium
Time: at 18h30h

Where: Brazil's Central, next to Teatro Gonzaguinha || The piece would be performing at the Teatro Gonzaguinha.
Time: 08:00 pm

The disorders are, the dance is
Where: Largo do Machado
Time: 06:00 pm

I dance
Where:Sérgio Porto Theater
Time: 20:30 h

Check out the map with the points of the theaters.

International gathering of clowns | Angels of the Ring

Largest international gathering of clowns, Angels of the Ring comes to Rio de Janeiro for another edition of many laughs and antics around the Rio whole!

With diversity in performances, workshops and discussions, the project deepens research on the art of making laugh, especially the art of clown, and create a network of exchange between circus.

This year, the Angels of the Ring occupies 11 corners cariocas: Anonymous Theatre Pavilion, warehouse Theater (inside the Ava), Teatro Carlos Gomes, Grow and live (Rua do Carmo, 143-new town), SESC Cultural School (AV. Ayrton Senna, 5677-Jacarépagua), Teatro Nelson Rodrigues (Av. the Republic of Chile, 230), Park of Ruins, Praça XV, Tiradentes square, market Street (in the area of number 45), Bible Square (city of God) and Melvin Jones (hole du Leme-Castle)


03.12, second day
10:00 | Workshops | Warehouse Theatre (within the Ava)
14:30 | IV Seminar of Humour | Teatro Nelson Rodrigues
"Joy is the sanity test": the social place and critic of laughter in Brazilian culture with Andre Bueno (UFRJ), Sandy Silva (Observatory of Favelas) and Erminia Silva (SP)
16:30 | Open interview with the Anonymous Theatre Group
By Erminia Silva and Alice Viveiros de Castro

04.12 day, Tuesday
10:00 | Workshops | Warehouse Theatre (within the Ava)
14:30 | IV Seminar of Humour
| Teatro Nelson Rodrigues
"Neither the hero nor guru": think of the clown and the (auto) helps with Adriana Schneider (UFRJ), Ricardo Pucetti (Lume) and Juliana (SP)
16:30 | Open interview comTortell Armchair
By Erminia Silva and Alice Viveiros de Castro

05.12 day, Wednesday
10:00 | Workshops | Warehouse Theatre (within the Ava)
15:00 | Palhaceata | Cinelândia square XV
20:00 | Post-Classic | Teatro Nelson Rodrigues

06.12 day, Thursday
16:00 | Street spectaclePraça XV
With: Artetude (DF), circus Dux (RJ) and El Kote (Chile)
20:00 | The fantastic Circus one-man Theatre | Teatro Nelson Rodrigues
With: Cia rustic Theatre
22:00 | The gift | Warehouse Theater
With: Angela de Castro (England)
23:00 | Party with Dj Tuta | Anonymous theater Pavilion

07.12, sixth day
15:00 | Extension: Tomato Tomato po | SESC Cultural School
With: Tomato Clown (Argentina)
16:00 | "The rambling is going long, and cycling even more ..." | Melvin Jones Square
With: CiaUmPédeDois
20:00 | Pablo Superstar | Teatro Nelson Rodrigues
With: Pablo Muñoz and Iván Prado (Spain)
22:00 | Comedy Night | Anonymous theater Pavilion
With: Claudio Carneiro (SP), beings of light (SP), Ana Carolina Sawen (RJ) and La (SP)

08.12 day, Saturday
10:00 | Extension: clown initiation workshop | SESC Cultural School
With: Iván Prado (Spain)
10:00 | Polenta and Radite | Park of the Ruins
With: Cia Computer Networking:
11:00 | Open Stage | Park of the Ruins
15:00 | Extension: Here el unico animal soy yo
| Plaza de la Bible
With: El Kote (Chile)
15:00 | Street spectacle | Market Street
With: Duo Morales (RJ) and Rodrigo Robleño (MG)
20:00 | Sings Clown | Teatro Nelson Rodrigues
With: Marta Carbayo (Denmark)
22:00 | Comedy Night | Grow and live
With: Firefly (DF), Vinicius Daumas (RJ) and Ale Casali (BA)

09.12 day, Sunday
11:00 | Shit-Hole | Teatro Nelson Rodrigues
With: Milonga Group (RJ)
14:00 | Ri's largest concert | Teatro Nelson Rodrigues
With: Cia de Clowns (PR)
15:00 | Chand and his Fleas Amestrada | Tiradentes Square
With: Caravan Tapioca (PE)
16:00 | Children's Gala-Chicken |Tiradentes Square
With: Cirque de Silva (Rio de Janeiro)
17:00 | Comic Wheel |Tiradentes Square
With: Coletivo Nopok (RJ) and Jon G Lor (Denmark)
18:00 | The Best of Johnny | Teatro Nelson Rodrigues
With: Johnny Malville (Scotland)
19:00 | Shake That |Tiradentes Square
With: Shake That (Belgium)
20:30 | Fuera! |  Carlos Gomes Theater
With: Cia Proyecto Maria Peligro (Argentina/Belgium)
21:30 | Meeting of Bands |Tiradentes Square
With: Firefly (DF), Vinicius Daumas (RJ) and Ale Casali (BA)

Weekend roadmap: it is weekend!

Are 6 whole days to celebrate. Counting holidays and "amendments", the locals will have enough time to rest and get more bored, a little bit of Rio de Janeiro. The events promise to coloring the four corners City: North zone to the West, passing through the southern and central area.

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2012 Festival time

Time Festival 2012 bids of Rio de Janeiro this weekend. The last few days continue intense program that, since the beginning of the month, the city's cultural scene. The events are a good tip for the weekend without spending a lot. In its 3rd Edition, the Netherlands is the country. The festival also featured artists from different places and Brazilians to make up the time.

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Holy doors open

This weekend, the locals have already guaranteed programming. Climb the slopes of Santa Teresa to enjoy a beautiful setting of Open Art, with a lot of art and enjoy a varied gastronomic route. Is the art of Open Doors, in its 22nd Edition, brings together more than 60 artists, in addition to the Fish Fillet, 13 collectives in a Night and da Ladeira, divided on a circuit of 36 workshops and 10 spaces of culture.
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Weekend roadmap: Let me play be happy

There is no mention in anything else in town! After five months, the wait is over. On Thursday began the season of concerts of beards, Brazil's most beloved and fans, depleting the tickets of Foundry in no time will ultimately follow the band's greatest hits. After all, if all Carnival has its purpose, it is better to play and be happy. But, if you're not so worshipper is depressed without entry or stay quiet: the city will pump with events for all types.
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Weekend roadmap: rain or shine

Elevator conversation seems to, but is not, that time walks even crazy. An hour it's cold, another opens world's biggest Sun, suddenly it rains this week was hard to predict. But, make rain or shine, it's weekend and you deserve to have fun. While São Pedro do not decide and the weather forecast will not set, prepare a roadmap with programming for both options, so do not have error.
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Flist 2012

The fourth edition of the Literary Feast of Santa Teresa (FLIST) happens on days 5 and 6 May. This year, the event honors Joel Rufino dos Santos and tribute to the centenary of Jorge Amado, Nelson Rodrigues and, in addition to Luiz Gonzaga 90 years Darcy Ribeiro .

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Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is a charm! Great option for those who seek leisure, culture and tranquility.
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For tourists in Rio de Janeiro

Per year, reaching millions of tourists Rio in Mexico City, and depending on the time that is durable for the stay can be very little to be able to enter in the carioca climate.
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The Surroundings
Largo do Curvelo 99m
Museu da Chácara do Céu 138m
Café das Ruínas 182m
Bossa in Rio 188m
Bar do Serginho 222m
BananaZ Hostel 236m
Casa do Barista 266m
Santè 266m
Espírito Santa 344m
Adega do Pimenta 383m
Lapa 40º 386m
Clube dos Democráticos 389m
Varandas da Lapa 408m
Plano B 410m
Bar do Arnaudo 414m
Mekatos 425m
Lapamaki 425m
Gargalo Galeteria 426m
Boteco do Gomes 432m
Sansushi 442m
Marcô 453m
Boteco Carioquinha 459m
Sinuca da Lapa 461m
Sobrenatural 484m
Café do Alto 486m
Mistura Carioca 486m
Buraco da Lacraia 487m
Victor 488m
Escadaria Selarón 492m
Sublime Relicário 496m
Rio Rock & Blues 502m
Mestre Kami 503m
Largo do Guimarães 507m
Grégora 508m
Portella Bar 517m
Gohan 520m
Cafecito 521m
Cine Santa Teresa 523m
Dom Cavalcanti 523m
Adega Flor de Coimbra 531m
Na Brasa Columbia 531m
Carioca da Gema 533m
TribOz - Rio 534m
Bar da Boa 534m
Boteco da Garrafa 535m
Simplesmente 535m
Sacrilégio 536m
Pizzaria Carioca da Gema 536m
Santa Arte 536m
Boteko do Juca 538m
Manoel & Juaquim 540m
Catrin 540m
Aconchego do Malandro 541m
Semente 543m
Bar do Mineiro 544m
Bonde Sucos 548m
Dom Galeto 549m
Lapa Irish Pub 550m
Cultivar Brasil 551m
Leviano Bar 551m
Bar Brasil 554m
Beer House 555m
Belmonte 557m
Nova Lapa 557m
Antônio's 557m
Barbieri 558m
Nova Capela 558m
Mofo Lapa 559m
Choperia Brazooka 560m
Casa do Barão 561m
Teatro Odisséia 563m
Arco Íris da Lapa 564m
Casa da Suíça 568m
Alto Lapa 577m
Bar do Papai 578m
Mike's Haus Imbiss 579m
Sinônimo Lapa 583m
Casa da Cachaça 584m
Landro Carioca 591m
Cacimba 591m
Sal y Pimenta 593m
Bar do Peixe 597m
Multifoco 599m
Boteco do Chico 599m
Sushi da Lapa 602m
Dom Maior 602m
Ernesto 604m
Sala Cecília Meireles 605m
Peixe & Cia 606m
Cosmopolita 608m
La Esquina 614m
Circo Voador 615m
Lapa Hostel 615m
Estação do Peixe 615m
Pizzaria Guanabara 617m
Enchendo Linguiça 624m
FixosFluxos 625m
Arcos da Lapa 626m
Majestade Show 635m
Peixe Imperial 635m
Barzinho 635m
La Carmelita 636m
Tulipa da Lapa 636m
Bafafá Botequim 646m
Fundição Progresso 650m
Parada da Lapa 651m
Essência da Lapa 653m
Bar do Adão 653m
Badalado 658m
Casa da Mãe Joana 663m
La Passion Club 669m
Casalegre 676m
Bar dos Descasados 678m
Solar Real 682m
Praça Paris 687m
Térèze 696m
Bom de Papo 703m
Vaca Atolada 720m
Bar das Quengas 724m
Salsa e Cebolinha 734m
Nova República 755m
Esquina de Santa 765m
Bar da Fatinha 769m
Amarelinho da Glória 771m
Armazém São Thiago 779m
Nega Teresa 779m
Lapa Café 796m
Passeio Público 815m
Club Six 818m
Glória do Catete 829m
Rua do Lavradio 856m
Casarão Ameno Resedá 857m
Cordão da Bola Preta 859m
Alda Maria 862m
Igreja da Nossa Sra. da Glória do Outeiro 862m
CaipiHostel 875m
Aprazível 883m
Santa Saideira 895m
Largo das Neves 921m
Monumento Nacional aos Mortos da II Guerra Mundial 921m
Santo Armazém 935m
Estação República 941m
Centro Cultural Memórias do Rio 955m
Gabinete 976m
Estação dos Bondes de Sta. Teresa 980m
Armazém do Senado 989m
Bar Nova Esperança 1,000m
The environment houses exhibitions of different artists.
The outer space also offers a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy the Park.
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