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Circo Voador

Circo Voador the is a House that has history – and that story!

Circo Voador the emerged in Arpoador Beach, on January 15, 1982. On that day, five hundred artists joined forces and formed the "Surpreendamental Flying Parade." Stopping out da Praça Nossa Senhora da Paz towards the Striker. There coming, armed the circus, with its blue and white canvas.

It was a temporary thing: Assembly was scheduled to last a month. Lasted three months, after which the supervision of the Prefecture dismantled the structure.

The artists did not gave origin. Led by Perfect Fortune, began to search for a solution that would enable them to give continuity to the project.

With the support of d. Zoe Chagas Freitas (wife of then Governor of the State of Rio de Janeiro), finally succeeded in one place: the city ceded to the group a wasteland in front of the Arcos da Lapa. In October 23, 1982, was created the free space of the Circo Voador.

Between 1982 and 1996, many things happened. At Circo Voador, despontaram many names today enshrined – among others, Cidade Negra, Lenine, Raimundos, O Rappa, Sepultura, Planet Hemp and Skank.

The traditional Flying Circus consecrated the Sunday, a gafieira by where they spent orchestras including the Tabajara, Cuba Libre, Tupy, Maestro Paulo Moura; and launched dance greats like Carlinhos de Jesus, Jayme Arôcha and Deborah Colker.

Still under the flying canvas, arose the movement of New Circus – with groups such as the Intrepid Anonymous theatre troupe, the Atrupelados and the brothers Brothers –, making exchanges with Cirque du Soleil of circus Schools of Canada and France, Russia, Argentina and Italy.

As well as invested in renovation of Brazilian culture, the Circo Voador developed social projects of great importance, as the cooperative of seamstresses Coopa Roca and Nursery Apareche.

In 1996, the Mayor César Maia and his successor Luis Paulo Conde were watching a show at Circo Voador – were celebrating the election of Earl to the Prefecture. The two politicians were vaiados by the public present.

Then the Mayor César Maia decided to close the circus, alleging irregularities. And his successor Luis Paulo Conde retained the Circus closed.

Was the Judiciary that assured the Circo Voador the right to resume its activities; and yet determined that the reconstruísse Prefecture the premises of the House, who had demolished.

And it was thus that in 2004 the Circo Voador reopened its doors completely reformed, and even today is home to large events in Lapa.

During the years of silence, there arose no space that could fill the void left by the Flying Circus in the heart of the city.

Since the reopening, the great names of Brazilian popular music have passed the stage of the circus – and the cariocas expect this living legend, which is the Circo Voador, never to close its doors.

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Luiz Figueiredo posted:
"Ontem 08/08/2013 tive o privilégio de assistir o Baile do Almeidinha, e para ressaltar foi um espetáculo, nota 10 para Hamilton e convidados. "
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The rightful heir to the Brazilian female rock

If there's someone on the current Brazilian rock which drags crowds of crazed fans to their shows is Priscilla Novaes Leone, popularly known as Pitty. Since flagged in his solo career with the album-now classic-"Admirável Chip Novo" (2003), passing by the celebrated "Anachronistic" (2005) and "Chiaroscuro" (2009), his performances are taken by an energetic stage presence, by a band needs and for an audience spellbound.

With the release of his new work "Setevidas" (2014) has been different. So much so that the tickets for the two days of concerts of the singer in the Circo Voador (Rio de Janeiro)-today and tomorrow-are already sold out.

The detractors of pop, of success, of the radio or media icons, women of personality and of the critical sense, can kick ahead. Pitty is icon, Muse, is sex symbol, is the question. Independent of Deprecations, almost always poorly sustained, whose criticism.

Their sources of inspiration are not always in easy reach. As a songwriter and singer spreads ideas and challenges around, always in the shape of a melody. She doesn't hide what she wants and knows the importance of be heard. Do sound for half a dozen listeners definitely was never in his plans.

Pitty boasts, with firmness, the legacy of the current national female rock royalty, following the lineage begun by Celly Campelo, headed by none other than Rita Lee, and conducted with stardom by Paula Toller and Cássia Eller in the following decades.

It's always unbelievable and exuberant watch testosterone explosion that culminates in the famous wheels of rock concerts, where males in their overwhelming majority-crazed collide in a trance from the typical weight of this musical genre. But impressive even is watching all this explosion under the command of a woman. And Pitty you know provide such moments and lead them with the mastery of who touched, from tomboy, in the underground rock scene in bands such as the Inkoma.

It's not for any one have passionate fans who flock to the shows, even in times of crisis in the record industry and in a scenario where the national rock staggered for a long time, despite strong signs of rebirth that outline for this decade.

It is clear that Pitty was present on radio and TV channels since its debut in solo career in 2003. But it is necessary to pay attention to the detail of who she is, since then, who still holds the rock of distorted guitars and aggressive riffs in the music pops light stuffed schedules of FMs and TVs, continuing the path opened for bands like the Raimundos.

And there is no Brazilian, of any age, you don't know your snippets riffs filled with treble and distortions. After all, who passed unscathed to the initial chords and chorus ' bizarre ' of "Mask", his first hit of immediate national impact?


Fernando Flack is a musician and composer. Is passionate about art in General, but loves music above all else. Is editor of the newspaper the Redeemer of Rio Film Festival and writes regularly for the musical column of the whole river.

Weekend roadmap: Cazuza in head

Friday, April 4, the anniversary of Cazuza. In honor of this icon of Brazilian music, the screenplay by weekend arrives with the best nights of the Rio agenda. After all, nobody did a party like him. Crazy life, vida breve, Cazuza is unforgettable!

Friday, 04

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Saturday, 05

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Sunday, 06

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Weekend roadmap: and the night carioca?

The screenplay by weekend arrives with the program highlights and a question. What do you like most about the night carioca?

Friday, 28

View the full agenda Friday.

Saturday, 29

View the complete schedule of Saturday.

Sunday, 30

View the full agenda Sunday.

Weekend roadmap: awakening of poetry

In honor of the Day of poetry, the screenplay by weekend comes rhymed and with joy. Made for you that only you know folia. So, smile! Check out the highlights of the agenda and surrender.

Friday, 14

See the full agenda

Saturday, 15

See the full agenda

Sunday, 16

See the full agenda

Weekend roadmap: Pre Carnival

A week for the Carnival. I mean, officially, because on the streets he has already begun. The carioca is with the schedule for the weekend full of blocks throughout the city. And this preschool we want to see people burning up the fantasies. After all, playing, jump and enjoy Carnival gets even more fun.

Ah! Enjoy the weather and send your photos to our campaign of dissemination of abundant creativity of the Rio Carnival!  Post your photo on Instagram with #todorio + #melhorfantasia or on Facebook or send by email contato@todorio.comLearn more.

Friday, 21

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Saturday, 22

Check out the complete schedule of Saturday

Sunday 23

Check out the complete schedule of Sunday

Weekend roadmap: one more time

Week of political conflicts, irreparable losses, solutions that have provoked more questions and links discredited. Tempers are once again getting the better of you. In the middle of all this, daylight saving time ends this weekend. With the time that we win on Saturday we can do whatever we want, talk, debate, party, dance, Kiss, drink and so on. Use as you wish, because unlike the masks, the hours can still be used freely.

Friday, 14

Check out the complete schedule on Friday.

Saturday, 15

Check out the complete schedule of Saturday.

Sunday, 16

Check out the full agenda Sunday.

Check out the calendar of Carnival blocks 2014 and don't forget to photograph the BEST FANTASIES that you come across to send to us.

Weekend roadmap: the die is cast

The "accident" is attributed a series of events. Is it by chance that found, another more than remembered, some good, some not so much. But, as I have heard once in the elevator "If the subject you're lucky, you don't need anything else."

It is true that a little bit of luck never hurt anybody. It helps the chances to be more pleasurable. But, come on! We must also give a hand, counting only with she is risky. Check out the highlights of the Rio agenda of the weekend before launching the luck. So, as if by chance, it may be that you have a fun weekend.

Friday, 7

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Saturday, 8

Check out the full agenda

Sunday, 9

Check out the full agenda

Weekend roadmap: you can't miss

"What gives more longing to carioca? ", asked on facebook on Thursday, 30 January, the day of Saudade.All appeared in the comments. Is Miss a river cleaner, less violent, more democratic and more realistic prices. Is Miss Santa Teresa tram, the old Maraca and beaches with United. For those who are away, the greatest longing is to the river.

We were already getting nostalgic and melancholic, when we remember that some things in the past we haven't felt any nostalgia and other of our present, certainly wouldn't do the slightest lack. Answer over at facebook "CARIOCA HAS MISSED?" while gives the highlights of the agenda.

Friday, 31

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Saturday, 1st

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Sunday, 2

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Weekend roadmap: Socializing

You who spent the week with the fall face down on the computer, full of work, relationships just virtually, it's time to take advantage of these 3 days to interact. The script of this weekend makes a proposal: exercise its social side. Anything to stay home alone, invite your friends to leave, have offline chatroom and alive, at least until Monday, without a screen in front. You can do it?

Friday, 24

Check out the complete schedule on Friday.

Saturday, 25

Check out the complete schedule of Saturday.

Sunday, 26

Check out the complete schedule of Sunday

Weekend roadmap: Kiss on the shoulder

Nothing more annoying when you're full of work, comes his friend and posts a photo having so much fun on vacation, his smile is not only bigger than the pile of work in front of you. This is where a hint of jealousy surge within you. But, relax. Now it's your turn. The weekend is here, you are in Rio de Janeiro, the summer calendar is full of festivals, concerts, music and interesting people in all corners of the city. Enjoy!!! And don't forget to register all their smiles to send that "kiss on the shoulder" the envious on duty. Check out the highlights of the carioca programming.

Friday, 17

Check out the full agenda

Saturday, 18

Check out the full agenda

Sunday, 19

Check out the full agenda

Second, 20 (holiday)

Check out the full agenda

Weekend roadmap: it's hot, it's hot

The heat has dominated conversations in the elevator. On the street, the few remaining shadows are disputed. It's really hot. The best thing to do is spend the weekend away from home. Face the summer the best way possible and enjoy what the season has more interesting: a cultural agenda as warm as the temperatures. Not to mention that leaving home is a synonym for meeting people. Rio de Janeiro is so crowded with tourists and accents, that you just don't find a new story if you do not want. The screenplay by weekend brings the program highlights carioca.

Friday, 10

Check out the complete schedule on Friday.

Saturday, 11 

Check out the complete schedule of Saturday.

Sunday 12

Check out the full agenda Sunday.

Weekend roadmap: goals and Resolutions!

The energy of the new year is a delight! Is a great climate of hope and belief that everything can change. It's time to goals and resolutions, time to renew, deciding what should be kept and what should be changed. Is the important time to plan this year's life to come. From today until the day 31 are 5 days to think-time which gives more than enough. To facilitate, we separated the best parties you will be rolling into town to help you think better.

Friday, March 27

Saturday, 28

Sunday, 29

Tuesday, 31

Turning day is day of Garland! And the party is no shortage in the city.
Check out every option and decide yourself what better place to start a new year!

Weekend roadmap: this is summer, I dunno ... gives a will ...

Rain or shine the summer arrives this weekend! The most anticipated by cariocas station. The possibility to enjoy the beach until almost 9:0 of the night, the cold beer that refreshes the hot bodies almost daily and the shows in the street. Ahhhh!, the shows in the street. Even with thermometers that often mark 40ºc, is impossible to live in Rio de Janeiro and don't wear a smile on your face during the summer. The time has come: let us celebrate!

Our roadmap brings weekend programs that will warm up your weekend.

Friday, day 20

Saturday, day 21

And the summer of 2014?

Every summer has a history. It is an ephemeral passion, an unforgettable journey, a mysterious Tin or a collective whistle, this time of high temperatures always results in many stories to tell.

The station marked by tanned bodies social life is relentless. Friends gather at the beach post, suddenly a song, then comes someone with beer and ready, which was a meeting of old friends, becomes a big meeting place for locals and tourists.
It takes energy to keep up with the events that crowd the agenda of Rio at this time. But, the power is in the air. The nights are warm, the tans are eager to show off and, as the year only starts after Carnival, plenty of time to enjoy every last drop of summer.
If every summer has a history, which will be to 2014? Here are our bets.

Summer Circus
Music, cuisine and many new features. This summer promises to be the most popular show in town. Great artists there is going to be there, as Caetano Veloso (releasing the DVD Abraçaço), Gal Costa, Paulinho da Viola, Nigger and Bad Religion. But the big news of the Flying Circus is project Popsicle, which will take place fortnightly Tuesdays with shows, new music and pool bath. That's right, pool! We must not forget the delicious showerhead. Very handy for a quick refresher.
More quiet than Ipanema beach and with events happening regularly in the late afternoon, the Pedra do Leme promises to be the meeting place that summer. #bomprobolso

On the beach of the Rudder (and now arriving in Ipanema) some tents provide a pool for the kids. A wonderful choice for mothers who can relax while the children have fun in the calm waters of the pool mounted right there on the sand.

Once you get finance your summer season in Catharsis, the party of Brazilian music produced by DJ Lili Prohmann will excite more once the stone of Helm in the sunset. Good music mix with a visually stunning is success. #bomprobolso
Flying Orchestra
Sets for many summers, the Flying Orchestra rehearsals in the gardens of the MAM don't disappoint and are still a hit in the summer of 2014.  #bomprobolso
On Saturdays (from 25/01) the folks at Bubble Publisher performs the happy hour, a doors open from the Publisher, with the right pool mounted on the roof of the former factory. The public can enjoy the beach chairs, beer and a delicious bath hose, are not charged tickets, no beer. The party happens to 4:0 pm to 10:0 pm. #bomprobolso

Of course ice cream always will rock in the summer heat, but this is special. Newly arrived at the River, the Mexican group Los Paleteros brings a popsicle that is irresistible and great for an ice cream on a stick. In addition to the refreshing fruit flavors, there's still the option with creamy filling to lick their chops.
Pool Party
With this heat that makes the summer holidays with swimming pools is fashionable. And when Miss pool, you may have a shower for a quick and necessary refreshed in the middle of the party.

Hula Hoop
Child's play that won the adults. Increasingly encountering people practicing the Hula-hoop in the squares, parks and even beaches. Great for fine tuning the waist, the new sets will be a hit in the summer.

Mini Cruisers
A certain skateboard, smaller than the common, has been seen on the streets of the city. Are the so-called mini cruisers, skateboards old school that, in the years 1970/1980, made success. They rely on bigger wheels, which guarantee higher performance in asphalt pitted, with ABEC 7, to give more speed, and also with a truck narrower, which helps cornering more closed than those of longboard. Another advantage is the size. With up to 58 cm in length, it occupies little space and is easy to carry. Is very practical for anyone who uses skateboarding as means of transport in cities.

Dawn in the Center (already happened)
The CCBB has prepared the project Dawn in the Center with different attractions that will make guys dance until morning. Djs and bands take turns on Saturday 28/12, 08/01 and 11/01. These days the cultural centre opens its doors for those who want to visit the exhibitions in madruga. #bomprobolso

Weekend roadmap: Off Samba

Not only does the samba Rio de Janeiro. All Carr knows this, but often, in the midst of so many wheels of samba, raises and tambourines, it's hard to remember the variety-even more so when the Samba national day and its traditional Train approaching with 6 days of programming. Remember the house, hip-hop, tacky, classical music, soul, dub and ballet? So, are they that litters our weekend Itinerary.

Friday, day 29

Check out all the events

Saturday, April 30

Weekend roadmap: warming up for summer

Great shows and parties appearing in the lineup this weekend. Less than a month of summer, the schedule is as warm as the temperatures. Tourists don't stop coming and the weather is gaining the most expensive every weekend on vacation.  Is the heating to the next station and is good to perfect in gymnastics because the schedule is intense.

Friday, 22

Check out the full agenda

Saturday, 23

Check out the full agenda

Sunday, 24

Check out the full agenda

Weekend roadmap: the weekend is waiting for you outside the Mall

According to a survey published this month, going to the Mall is the carioca's favorite leisure. It's always good to get away from cliches, but this came as a surprise. Shopping malls appear before the concerts, parties, bars and even the beach in the list of preference of the residents of the river! Fact or statistic stuck, the screenplay by weekend brings the best schedules this holiday to prove that life in the river can be more tasty and fun to any window. Besides, the weekend is here and the wonderful city never sleeps, while the Mall closes at 10:0 pm.

Thursday, 14

Check out the full agenda

Friday, 15

Check out the full agenda

Saturday, 16

Check out the full agenda

Sunday, 17

Check out the full agenda

Weekend roadmap: Back Sun!

After a week of intense rain, finally got a break-for the overall happiness of cariocas. Were days away from puddles and dreaming of the time to return home and enjoy the perfect trio ' bed-blanket-food '. Now, it's time to wear comfortable clothes and go enjoy to the fullest, the Rio de Janeiro off the couch!

Friday, 08

see all events

Saturday, 09

Weekend roadmap: time to party

Time for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Hours in traffic, 20 minutes on foot and 6 in the elevator. Many hours of work, few of sleep. From Monday to Friday employees have the hours filled with appointments, tasks and duties. But the weekend has arrived and it's time to enjoy life! Check out the highlights of the carioca programming.

Friday, 25

See the full agenda

Saturday, 26

See the full agenda

Sunday, 27

See the full agenda

Weekend roadmap: child's play

Nothing more fair than turn child on weekend of the children's day, isn't it? Is the best way of looking at life: no trials, no pre concept;in the certainty that magic can happen in any corner, ready for new friends and discoveries.

Reminder: on Sunday, day 13, the Copacabana beach, will receive the 18th Annual LGBT Pride Parade. And, as we know, gay, in English, is happy, joyful, excited.
Another reason;)

Friday, October 11

Saturday, October 12

Sunday, October 13

The Surroundings
Fundição Progresso 38m
Parada da Lapa 38m
Arcos da Lapa 39m
Leviano Bar 64m
Bonde Sucos 69m
Teatro Odisséia 81m
Choperia Brazooka 88m
Lapa Irish Pub 95m
Catrin 103m
Semente 103m
Arco Íris da Lapa 105m
Rio Rock & Blues 125m
La Esquina 131m
Bar da Boa 133m
Mestre Kami 136m
Belmonte 136m
Victor 155m
Boteco da Garrafa 155m
Antônio's 165m
Gohan 165m
Pizzaria Carioca da Gema 167m
Pizzaria Guanabara 172m
Majestade Show 172m
Carioca da Gema 173m
Cosmopolita 175m
Barbieri 180m
Bar Brasil 181m
Sacrilégio 182m
Alto Lapa 185m
Mofo Lapa 190m
Nova Capela 198m
Sinuca da Lapa 200m
Barzinho 206m
Beer House 220m
Aconchego do Malandro 229m
Boteko do Juca 233m
Mistura Carioca 243m
Sublime Relicário 243m
Club Six 249m
Lapamaki 250m
Bar do Papai 257m
Boteco do Gomes 260m
Sala Cecília Meireles 262m
Boteco Carioquinha 264m
Plano B 272m
Adega Flor de Coimbra 272m
Gargalo Galeteria 279m
Manoel & Juaquim 281m
Ernesto 286m
Escadaria Selarón 287m
Cacimba 295m
Nova Lapa 302m
Essência da Lapa 304m
Badalado 313m
Casa da Mãe Joana 317m
Casa da Cachaça 320m
Bar do Adão 335m
Sinônimo Lapa 343m
Sal y Pimenta 350m
Tulipa da Lapa 350m
Landro Carioca 353m
Clube dos Democráticos 355m
Lapa Hostel 359m
Vaca Atolada 360m
Lapa 40º 365m
Estação dos Bondes de Sta. Teresa 366m
Salsa e Cebolinha 371m
Multifoco 374m
FixosFluxos 379m
BananaZ Hostel 380m
Passeio Público 380m
Sushi da Lapa 399m
Boteco do Chico 401m
Rua do Lavradio 405m
Lapa Café 421m
Enchendo Linguiça 426m
Cordão da Bola Preta 428m
Teatro Rival 456m
Peixe Imperial 462m
Varandas da Lapa 464m
Bossa in Rio 470m
Odeon BR 487m
Palácio Pedro Ernesto 491m
Mekatos 492m
CaipiHostel 493m
La Passion Club 497m
TribOz - Rio 506m
Amarelinho 509m
Santè 512m
Praça Marechal Floriano 527m
Pioneiro dos Sucos 528m
Bar do Serginho 530m
Café das Ruínas 532m
Casa do Barista 556m
Bar Nova Esperança 558m
Centro Cultural Memórias do Rio 563m
Rio Music Gourmet 566m
Rio Music 566m
Centro Cultural da Justiça Federal 570m
Gabinete 577m
Theatro Municipal 580m
Santo Scenarium 600m
Quintal Carioca 611m
Armazém do Senado 611m
Bom de Papo 613m
Parque das Ruínas 615m
Biblioteca Nacional 615m
Mangue Seco 615m
La Carmelita 626m
Rio Scenarium 631m
O Navegador 638m
Antiqua Sappore 640m
Museu da Chácara do Céu 641m
Bar das Quengas 641m
Praça Paris 641m
Galeria Scenarium 648m
Museu Nacional de Belas Artes 651m
Nova República 657m
Teatro Carlos Gomes 657m
Centro de Arte Maria Teresa Vieira 665m
Dom Maior 668m
Estação do Peixe 679m
Peixe & Cia 680m
Bar do Peixe 684m
Na Brasa Columbia 688m
Dom Cavalcanti 691m
Bar Luiz 695m
Cine Ideal 696m
Vegecoop 700m
Dom Galeto 700m
Largo do Curvelo 707m
Buraco da Lacraia 712m
Praça Tiradentes 728m
Café do Bom Cachaça da Boa 746m
Grégora 752m
Estudantina Musical 754m
Monumento Nacional aos Mortos da II Guerra Mundial 759m
Casa da Suíça 762m
Gaspar 769m
Teatro João Caetano 778m
Centro Cultural Carioca 779m
Casa Cavé 783m
Sala Funarte Sidney Miller 804m
Largo Albino Pinheiro 821m
Palácio Gustavo Capanema 825m
Reino Vegetal 848m
Real Gabinete Português de Leitura 855m
Govinda 871m
Confeitaria Colombo 880m
Largo das Artes 882m
Vivo Rio 894m
Grão Café 900m
Museu de Arte Moderna 920m
Espírito Santa 955m
Metamorfose 958m
nOkoni 986m
Bardana 988m
Gafieira Elite 993m
Adega do Pimenta 996m
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