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Praia do Arpoador
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Arpoador Beach is also known as praia dos surfers because account with large waves for sport practice.


One of the interpretations of the origin of the name of the beach, comes from possible fact, in the past, arpoarem whales near the coast.
Av. Vieira Souto
Mon to Sun, holiday and holiday Eve: 12:0 am
Services Hours of operation

Arpoador Beach

Located between Ipanema  Beach and Copabacana Fort, Arpoador  beach is small-only with 500 meters long and famous for focus surfers in search of large waves that the Beach offers.

During the daylight saving time-when the clock ahead one hour, the sunset attracts hundreds of people to Arpoador of stone, who wish to attend the best place the splendid view of the Sun dying at sea.

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Sunday bikes

Cycling in Rio de Janeiro is a delicious, healthy and risky experience. Except some residents on the South side and the West side, most cariocas are lacking in bike lanes.

However Sunday with less car on the street and some roads are locked down for leisure, the Mission of crossing the city on the pedal becomes less suicidal. It is also the only day of the week that the Metrô Rio allows the entry of bicycles.

Thus was born the mission Tijuca-Leblon, round trip, on skinny.

Ida (the street)

Dividing space with cars and buses that part of the route was subsequently labelled "Rambo".  Hype aside, it's not impossible, but it takes a lot of attention at intersections and in the holes of asphalt. The trick is trying to follow, wherever possible, in the same direction of the cars.

An alternative for those who get out da Tijuca is crossing the viaduct Paulo de Frontin, get inside the Estácio (Rua Estácio Sá lifetime, Rua Frei mug, always in the stream of cars), Lapa, Glória and Aterro. The more complicated passages are in the tunnel Martins de Sá (it's good to have signage on bike) and Rua Riachuelo, in Lapa, on account of the great movement. Another tip is to get just the catwalk of the glory to come up in the Landfill and not of MAM, which can be deserted depending on the time. For those who want adrenaline is great.

Arriving at the Landfill is to relax and enjoy the view. Space for riding not lacking, beyond the beach bike path, has the slopes closed. The tour is very enjoyable.

The ride took about 1:0 until the final destination, the beach of Leblon.

Back (subway)

Finished enjoying a beach it's time to get back. The pace until Siqueira Campos Station, in Copacabana -by bike path following Rim by street bikelane Figueiredo de Magalhães to the door of the Metro is very quiet. Option is the most recommended for those who don't want a lot of emotions.

Metro officials are well targeted and will indicate the door beside the roulette to go with the bike. You must pay passage usually may not be on top of the bike inside the station and down/up the stairs, is on his arm.

Coloring the public space of Rio de Janeiro

We present here the Mexican work Christopher Gusman Hernandez, who lives in Rio de Janeiro, and was in wonderful town, which came the inspiration to create their work!

Everything inspires in Rio, streets, friends, women, the Sun, the festivities, the sunrise and the sunset and especially the beach.

The time is its main ally that helps you imagine extraordinary situations, things that never go through people's minds so often simply. Each photo that the artist makes it will evolve in the dashes and the details of the illustrations!

- - -

The Cultural Connection is an organization that promotes access to and content on the cultural area through integration between the most diverse art forms-the aim is to integrate culture in everyday life of people, and bring them in the Brazilian and world culture, cultural spaces and public spaces, offering new dynamics of socialization, enhancing the exchange of experiences, stimulating the curiosity and creativity of the people.

Valentine's day

The locals, both men and women, is reputed to be great in the art of conquest. Because being single in Rio de Janeiro is a delight. But when we fall in love, there's no way, want to stay close and walk hand in hand. Dating is all good. Once again the river collaborates with perfect scenarios for couples in love.

On facebook of TodoRio asked what would be the best place for a perfect meeting. Deservedly, the Striker was the most suggested. Really, it's beautiful, romantic and works for new and old couples. This week in which the romance is in the air, can be a tip to enjoy a weekend together.

The other suggestions which appeared show a carpenter who would rather have their outdoor meetings. We add to this list also the Praia Vermelha, Urcaand the Park of the Ruins, in Santa Teresa, two corners very nice to walk around.  Check out the places suggested below.


  1. Copacabana Fort
  2. Mirante do Leblon
  3. Mirante do Pasmado
  4. Paineiras
  5. Waterfall Garden
  6. Joatinga Beach
  7. Grumari Beach
  8. Praia da Macumba
  9. Palm PIscinão Palm

The conquest by the stomach

Following the maxim "the best way to hook someone is through the stomach" restaurants appear as good alternatives for lovers at that time. Is the opportunity of a pleasant climate, with a good crop, food and drink, without boring the dishes after. Check out the suggested restaurants below.

  1. Belmonte
  2. Guanabara Pizzeria
  3. Palaphita
  4. Trapiche Gamboa
  5. Emporium
  6. Corner of Santa
  7. Bar Urca
  8. Supernatural
  9. Navy Blue
  10. Zuka

Bairro do Amor 

Lapa, Urca and Copacabana appeared among the suggested. But when it comes to be romantic we cannot leave out the charming neighborhood of Santa Teresa and the stunning Lagoon.

Weekend roadmap: Ipanema

Darling, charming, stylish and super ... birthday girl. We're talking about Ipanemaneighborhood supplementing 119 years today of pure inspiration and contribution to the cultural life of Rio de Janeiro.

It was there that, sitting at a table of the old Bar Veloso (today, the girl from Ipanema), Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes finished the letter of March Waters. Not to mention the girl from Ipanema, one of the most played songs in the world, which had its inspiration in the neighborhood--or on girls that attended. Tropicália and Bossa Nova also were born and grew up in the streets; the Circo Voador rode his first canvas in Arpoador and there landed with their rock concerts. This just to name a few examples.

In honor of Ipanema, we gather some events that are the face of the neighborhood: eclectic, dictators of fashion and full of grace!

Friday, March 26

Saturday 27

Weekend roadmap: Kisses, kisses and beijões

In the mouth, on the cheek, in the hand or on the nose. Passionate, unforgettable, time consuming or quickly. Kissing is so yummy that Kiss has a international day. April 13 is the date and the perfect excuse to distribute kisses there. Check out the tips this weekend with festivals and concerts to celebrate the date kissing a lot.


See the complete agenda Friday.


See the complete agenda Saturday.


See the full agenda Sunday.

Viradão Carioca 2013

Between 12 and 14 April, the River will receive another edition of Viradão Carioca, project that spread music to the four corners of the city with free gigs.

Among the attractions are confirmed Gabriel O Pensador, Preta Gil, our feeling, Detonautas, Sandra de Sá and Moraes Moreira.

After receiving more than 300 thousand people in 2012, the event won two addresses outside of Rio de Janeiro, the Aeroclub of Nova Iguaçu and the Popular Theatre in Niteroi, in addition to the traditional stage Copacabana, Arpoador, in M. and in the square of Juras, in Bangu.

The attractions of Arpoador are another new feature. For the first time, the event will have a unique stage for instrumental music, more precisely to the contemporary jazz.  It is worth highlighting the presentation of Historic Brazilian Jazz Band, which will include your repertoire with two beautiful tributes in jazz, a to 150 years of Ernesto Nazareth and the other to our illustrious master Pixinguinha.

Friday, day 12

Stage Arpoador

  • 4:30 pm | The stage and opening ranges:: DJ Egil Jazz (Afrobeat, Acidjazz, LatinJazz)
  • 5:30 pm | Letiere's Lexeu Quintet (BA)
  • 07:00 pm | Bondesom (RJ)
  • 8:30 pm | Iconili (MG)

M. Park stage

  • Group Cleared

Stage Bangu (square of the Juras)

  • DJ Ramin
  • DJ Denis
  • Késia Statius
  • Gabriel O Pensador
  • Courtney

Stage Nova Iguaçu

  • DJ Zabumba
  • Benedict and Mariano
  • Haroldo Costa || Guests: Marquinhos Sata, Dorina, Vila Isabel, United Group Our Kantinho
  • It's on the Mind
  • Our Feeling
  • Dudu Nobre

Stage Niterói

  • DJ Mouse
  • Block Skirts in Revelry
  • Dado Villa-lobos
  • MC Leozinho
  • Your Brain
  • Monoblock

Saturday 13

Stage Arpoador

  • 4:30 pm | The stage and opening ranges:: DJ Rodrigo Chandra
  • 5:30 pm | Frederick Heliodoro Quartet (MG/DF)
  • 07:00 pm | Marine Astronaut (Ec)
  • 8:30 pm | Afro Jazz (RJ)

Copacabana Stage(The Kiosk)

  • André Lucas
  • Bruno Di Camargo & Luciano
  • Felipe Absalom
  • Giant Léo
  • Henry Federowicz
  • Larrisa Camera
  • Márcio Libar.
  • Nizo Neto
  • Paulo Carvalho
  • Paul Cheyenne
  • Rey Biannchi
  • Sil Edwards

M. Park Stage

  • Daniela Mercury

Stage Bangu (square of the Juras)

  • DJ Ramin
  • MC Sapão
  • Brazil Block
  • Titans
  • Cidade Negra

Stage Nova Iguaçu

  • 18:00 | DJ Zabumba
  • 19:30 | Forfun
  • 21:00 | Raimundos
  • 22:30 | Detonautas
  • 00:30 | Fresno

Stage Niterói

  • DJ Mouse
  • Tereza
  • Monique Kessous
  • Sandra de Sá
  • Moraes Moreira
  • Biquini Cavadão

Sunday, day 14

Stage Arpoador

  • 4:30 pm | The stage and opening ranges:: DJ Egil Jazz (Afrobeat, Acidjazz, LatinJazz)
  • 5:30 pm | Tupiniquim Jazz Osquestra (RJ)
  • 07:00 pm | Historic Brazilian Jazz Band-tribute "in jazz" the masters of Brazilian music Ernesto Nazareth and Pixinguinha – tribute to the 150 years of Ernesto Nazareth, considered the "father" of Brazilian music and the great composer Pixinguinha.
  • 8:30 pm | Abayomy Afrobeat Osquestra (RJ)

M. Park Stage

  • Blitz

Stage Bangu (square of the Juras)

  • DJ Ramin
  • Danny Pink and the care Squares
  • Imaginasamba
  • Sorriso Maroto

Stage Nova Iguaçu

  • DJ Zabumba
  • CPM 22
  • Chitãozinho and Xororó
  • Latino

Stage Niterói

  • DJ Mouse
  • Good Taste
  • Arlindo Cruz
  • Preta Gil


Note: Schedule subject to change without notice.

Weekend roadmap: I want a abraçaço

Caetano Veloso is the soundtrack that weekend. From Thursday to Sunday the singer presents itself to a shoot'em up fans Circo Voador. It goes from pop to rock, melodic and funk finds the bossa nova cool. Is a unique blend that combines perfectly with the variety of styles of programming. Because, at the end of the week, with or without Caetano, who is not related to a abraçaço?

Friday, 22

See the complete agenda Friday.

Saturday, 23

See the complete agenda Saturday.

Sunday, 24

Is the day of the street! Of 2:0 pm to 6:0 pm a string of open-air performances will animate the beach. Another edition that is coming to have fun in the best carioca style uniting music and beach. Now is the right time to twist! Are in programming, singers and bands as Alice Caymmi, Momo, Botika, David Mathew, Mahmundi, John Brazil, Letuce and more.

See the full agenda Sunday.

Weekend roadmap: Congratulations, Rio!

"Wonder City. Purgatory of beauty and chaos ". Is the sound of Rio 40º we give our congratulations to wonderful city. At the height of the form, she doesn't even seem that is celebrating 448 years. Your scenarios agree always different and we never get tired of. The charm and the elegance of its residents give the finishing touch to this beautiful, crazy and unique experience that is living in the River. Parties and concerts will not miss to celebrate this anniversary. After all, life of Rio. Laugh, chat, flirting, kissing, dating, jokes, joke. Good, eh?!

Friday, 1

This pro Carpenter!
Since we are cariocas and today is anniversary of Rio, are we that we get the gifts. The case of Rio de Janeiro have many postcards to sing happy birthday. Choose one and take the opportunity to enjoy before the evening start.  

Check out the full schedule Friday

Saturday, 2

This pro Carpenter!
If the weather is better can also face a trail and be delighted by the sights that are ... lose the words.

Check out the full schedule Saturday

Sunday, 3

This pro Carpenter!
Choosing the destination of that Sunday as Lapa you can give by taking advantage of the tour to enjoy the Arches. Maybe not give that climb on Santa for lunch at the Miner's bar?! Take a walk at Largo dos Guimarães, Curvelo and the Park of the ruins.
But if the choice was the South, your gift can be a paced on the edge to make the track closed. Run, play, enjoy and take many pictures.

Check out the full agenda Sunday


See the Gallery of photos submitted on Instagram and in Facebook TodoRio.

Jam Fest 2013

The 2013 Jam Fest, festival that stimulates the practice of contact improvisation, performs different meetings around the city between 17 and 22 January. Jam is an impromptu game involving body, tap and dance. In partnership with the team of Contact in Rio, the jams happen in the open and in case of heavy rain will be postponed. As for the price, the public will be able to collaborate with as find convenient-only event on the tide that will be completely free. The festival brings a little what is the Contact in Rio in July 2013.
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# bomprobolso Summer

The end of the year is here and with it, comes the summer Carnival, an endless list of Christmas gifts, a mad desire to be happy and a little price adjustment-that, just between us, were already well salted.

The good news that we have to give is that it is still possible to circumvent the absurd prices and have a lot of fun in Rio de Janeiro.

Check out all the agenda of events # bomprobolso!

Events # bonsprobolso

In the heat out there, it's hard to deny that cold beer of end of day. Those who drink too much, you know that it doesn't spend little-after all, a 600 ml bottle is worth somewhere between $ 6 and R$8. But, if you want a good soundtrack to accompany your shot, this summer brings good tidings! Check out some Surefire Tips:

Recent discovery of the producers and bands cariocas, the rudder is Stone with a super hectic schedule. It makes sense, after all the corner is perfect! In addition to being comfortable, with ample space and two kiosks that serve beer, soft drinks and delicious snacks, the location has a privileged. Some events have already discovered the preciousness and recurring dates, as have the feasts Arrhythmia, collective Track, Natural rhythm and the show Mohandas On The Rocks.

Arretado accent, spicy food and forró. The Feira de São Cristóvão concentrates the riches of Northeastern culture spread everywhere, there are more than 700 tents, squares and stages. The latter, incidentally, forró and shows receive country music all weekends for affordable prices! All this with the possibility to enjoy a delicious meat with cassava. Can You Imagine?

  • Music Bar
With a capacity of 6,500 people, the Music Bar is a great option for those who want to come out to dance, but need to save. Typically, the home features tickets with values between $ 5 and R $ 20. The Repertory?!   Varies between funk, electronic and pagoda. For the night out really cheap?! The bar organizes promotions not to be missed almost every day-has beer, Bacardi and Smirnoff for $ 1.99, double shot of tequila and quadruple dose of beer (for $ 3!).
Summer Rio is known for its outdoor events. But, with our heat and scenario, there's nothing better than Beach and music! The girl from Ipanema Park   is the solution. When summer arrives, your area receives events from various rhythms, timetables and sizes. Only two thing are equal: admission and visually stunning. Worth getting hooked on programming.

Another good tip by surroundings is the Booking +. Small and very comfortable, the store often organize free show some Sundays at the end of the day, to fit perfectly in the Center.

Almost every day, at around 19:00, São Salvador square comes to life musical. The charming gazebo, at its Center, balance the sound of several rhythms: samba, choro, juggling, marchinhas of Carnival and even rock and roll! The public, spread by the muretas, banks and bars, accompanies aloud.

After losing the grids and make a lot more charm and beauty, Tiradentes seems to be gradually recapturing colour, music and life. The summer promises. To begin with, we have the Cultural Tiradentes, event that every first Friday of the month mounts the stage in the middle of the square! There have passed Songoro Cosongo, Elza Soares, Orquestra Tabajara and Black River.

But not enough to think that the fun # boaprobolso happens only once per month. Smile, it is weekly! Every Tuesday, the Estudantina Musical, the group So what stirs the night with the best of forró. Admission varies between free and $ 10.

  • Worker's Samba

Known for being one of the more traditional sambas of Rio de Janeiro, the Samba of the worker does the party at the Renaissance Club, every Monday, with Norman light in command. The program comes out very cheap! In addition, the beers and snacks     also have values that will leave your most positive balance.

The place where samba was born in the city, the Pedra do Sal has an amazing energy, a breathtaking backdrop and a very hectic schedule. Monday and Friday are days of samba; Fourth, is the forró stirring wide; and, on some Saturday, we can count even with parties and varied shows.

Continuing between events that combine great music with cénario, we went to the Aterro do Flamengo. There, every Sunday is the Creative Park, bringing together puppet and shows for the whole family from 11:00 to 21:00. A little later, in the garden of MAM, the Flying Orchestra makes its Carnival rehearsals almost every Sunday during the sunset.

M. Park, Park of the ruins and Quinta da Boa Vista also receive frequent events. Check out more details on our agenda.

The Lapa has a fundamental role in the lives of those who are always looking to save. As well as being, in itself, a major attraction-with stalls and storage tanks that have rates below the standard, the neighborhood is record in number of events per night. Even with free options of all sizes and styles. And the best, often with great shows under the Arcos da Lapa.

Check out all the options of events # bomprobolso!


Any Other Ideas


Has no way to continue with another tip: the rudder to the Pontal; There, in the world, nothing equal to our beaches. But don't be fooled, spend the entire day in the sand is expensive, so it's always good to follow some advice.

At the end of Arpoador Beach, for example, the Bamboo tent sells coconut for $ 3--are almost $ 2 savings. Also in Arpoador, this time in stone, it is possible to admire one of the most beautiful scenes of the city, the sunset. And, have no excuses: this show is completely free.

As the beaches of Rio asked the globe and matte biscuit gallon, it's always good to have an extra money in the portfolio. It is worth remembering that, generally, Leme and Copacabana have prices slightly cheaper than Ipanema, Leblon and Barra. In either case, the tip is: amount makes a difference. Join the guys for buying everything together and a single seller; is much easier to get a descontinho.

If you are like a Sun on the Recreio Beach still wins the chance to end the day with a delicious reggae. From January, the gang of Reggae in reserve back in full force for another year of great music, sunsets and outdoor event.

Check out more details about each of the Carioca beaches.


Enjoy the waterfalls of the Tijuca forest, the Zoo in the Quinta da Boa Vista , or a simple walk in the Woods. The freshness and that "green smell" of Parque Lage and the beautiful view of the Park of Ruins. Practice tree climbing in Parque da Catacumba, meditate in Dois Irmãos Park, skating in His Park or climb the Pico do Papagaio in Parque do Grajaú.

The Green is actually in all parts of Rio de Janeiro. And with it comes the ability to breathe healthier air, play sports, get a tan without spending anything. Enjoy!

Check out more details on the parks.


Though not (yet) have the best bike trails in the world, ride a bike in Rio de Janeiro is a delightful program and zero cost. To make the ride even more enjoyable, worthwhile include two pit stops : a few minutes to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon and a "dip" in the cold shower of the Paineiras to refresh the body and cleanse the soul.

If you don't have a bike or is in Rio to tourism, it is worth trying the oranges of Bike River.

Another beautiful way to enjoy the city, practice a sport and save the Pocket, is enjoying the day in any of the numerous trails cariocas. If the heat is too, it's worth strolling through the garden until some of its waterfalls; now, if one of those beautiful days of blue sky, the hint is: climb the Pedra da Gávea -from up there, the view of the city is breathtaking.

Check out the Guide to Sports on the River.


Weekend roadmap: Black music

It is only the music starts, you can't sit still. Even those who have not yet recovered the energies of the weekend will be swayed by the swing of black music.The soul samba root international it's time to release their black power and pan out on the track. It is impossible to stay home with Lauryn Hill, Miss Elliot, Gerson King Combo, AfroReggae and Tim Maia inviting you to dance.

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Day of conscious consumption

Buy without thinking and discard outdated thoughts are constantly. Or, at least, should be. Act on behalf of the environment, as well as being fundamental to our survival, gives us a more harmonious life. If you've never tried it, enjoy. October 15 day is celebrated the day of conscious consumption.

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Weekend roadmap: In Portuguese

Brazilian music presents the locals with a weekend dance. Different shows and parties of all the rhythms that our mix provides amongst the programming. Best of all is that you will be able to sing along and know exactly what you're singing.

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Weekend roadmap: is parents

The weekend is theirs. The parents of this new generation, young and modern, want more is going out to have fun. No slippers, fragrances and books, take your parent to a good night in Rio.

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Holidays in the cold

It is indisputable, cariocas don't like cloudy days ... But, C'mon, the winter of Rio de Janeiro has its positive side. The beautiful intense blue sky days and pleasant climate are perfect to enjoy a beach with warm water or spend the day riding. Check out these and other tips to occupy very well your winter vacation!

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Viradão Carioca 2012

From 4 to 6 may Rio de Janeiro will turn into a large open-air stage. Viradão Carioca, is bringing more than 60 attractions scattered throughout the 4 corners of the city. Luan Santana, Fiuk, Monoblock and Lulu Santos are among the guests.

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Sports in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro's 2016 Olympic headquarters is not the toa. A quick stroll through the town and hundreds of cariocas running, cycling, skating and surfing. The scenario of the wonderful city certainly stimulates and inspires the practice of a wide variety of sports. With that in mind we launched the Rio sports guide.
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1st stage of Circuito Brasileiro de Stand Up Paddle

In partnership with ABSUP, Associação Brasileira de Stand Up Paddle, the Effect Sport brings to Rio de Janeiro, the first step of the Brazilian Circuit, which takes place along the 2012 1st stage of the circuit Light King and Queen of the sea. The competition comes with amateur and professional events with total prize of $ 15,000.

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Floating Park

From today's 17:00, the lovers of Sun and sea will have one more reason to take the Arpoador beach. Casa da Praia, created by artist Alexandre Vogler for the 4th edition of Alalaô project of the Gentil Carioca, gallery gathers tobogganing, networks, swimming pool and many colors in the middle of the sea.

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360º summer

Betting on the best season Skol beer, prepared a special summer for the carioca. Are different musical attractions, DJs, graffiti workshops, slackline lessons and surfing experience.

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The Surroundings
Parque Garota de Ipanema
1 2 3 4
Sunset in Arpoador
1 2 3 4

Parque Garota de Ipanema

Is in the region of Arpoador beach that lies the parque Garota de Ipanema ", which takes its name from the famous music by Vinícius de Moraes and Antonio Carlos Jobim. It is worth strolling in the Park after take a beach day.

Stone of Arpoador

The stone of Arpoador is famous for having one of the most beautiful views of Rio de Janeiro: on the one hand, the beaches of Ipanema and Leblon with morro Dois Irmãos to the Fund; on the other, the beaches of Copacabana and Diabo.

Light reflector

During the summer the light reflectors and lights allow regulars if refrequem in Nocturn.

Origin of the name

The end of Arpoador received this name for being the Centre of location of herds of whales which entered the Guanabara Bay. Of whales if dug out the oil, to public and private lighting, the fins to the corsets of the ladies, the Lees for construction, in addition to the meat for food.
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