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Praia de Copacabana
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Copacabana beach

Copacabana is the most famous beach of orla carioca, theme of poetry and songs – is the "little Princess of the sea". The design of its sidewalk, Portuguese stones, remembering the waves of the sea, is one of the symbols of the city.

The carioca's relationship with its beaches is very special. The beach is the contact with nature, is the leisure space, is the Academy, is the meeting point with friends. Is the party, is the show, is music, football, volleyball, the bicycle, the velocipede of children, the skates and scooters, the skate, the keg, coconut water, the ice cream. Is the surf, swim, is the walk and race. Is "catch alligator" in the waves. It is the scenery. Is the free fun, is the March, are the demonstrations – everything happens on the beach. The beach is the joy of the carioca.

It is no coincidence that the city has grown – and continues to grow – always along the sea. Occupying a beach after another.

It all began in Copacabana – from the construction of the Copacabana Palace Hotel, which was the starting point for the effective occupation of this lovely beach which until then was very distant from the rest of the city and was difficult to access.

The beaches of Copacabana and Leme, in fact, are a unique beach. The border between the two neighborhoods is the AV. Princesa Isabel. Then, the Copacabana beachd extends the AV. Princesa Isabel to the end of Arpoador (with the Forte de Copacabana) – that separates Copacabana Ipanema beach. And 's Beach will Helm the Morro do Leme (with Strong wheelhouse) until AV. Princesa Isabel.

For those who come from the center toward the South zone, Copacabana is the first beach of the city to be bathed in the open sea. Before Copacabana, Praia da Urca already lies outside the Guanabara Bay; but it is a small Cove, surrounded on both sides – and the sea there is as quiet as in the Bay.

The Copacabana mar is usually quiet, and the sea there is a delight. But when the sea is restless, one should be very careful. The waves can get very high; and the current, very strong. On these occasions, the best is to settle in wetting the feet, or use a bucket with water to cool off.

Along the beach, at regular intervals, there are six posts of lifeguards. These posts have bathroom and showers, which can be used on payment of a fee. But the important thing is that the posts are, for the cariocas, geographic references. The Copacabana Fort stands at Six. The rank one gets at the helm. Are common phrases as "I'll stay at Two", or "the March begins at Six".

The seaside hotels offer guests towels, sunshade and folding chairs. But people who are not guests of the hotels can hire these accessories without difficulty, in tents installed in the sand – which also sell beer, coconut water, soft drinks and snacks.

As the strip of sand is very large, crossing the sidewalk to the sea is long; and the sand to the Sun can be hot, to burn the soles of the feet of those who go to the beach. But there is no problem: each one of the tents have a hose that goes from a kiosk to the tent. The water hose has small holes; and wet sand along its route. Bathers follow the trail of wet sand to not burn their feet.

The same hose feeds fresh water showers, installed alongside of the tents, for use by visitors.

In addition to the stalls, there are kiosks on the sidewalk. Each one of them with different specialities. But all have tables and chairs, in the shade and the Sun; and sell drinks and snacks. Coconut water, found in all, is the sales champion. In many kiosks, you can listen to live music.

The sands of Copacabana have many utilities. The first, of course, are the sunbathing and sea bathing. Then come the sports. Swimming, surfing, volleyball, beach soccer, footvolley, peteca, frescobol. There are exercise equipment installed on the beach, available to everyone. There are classes – yoga, football, taekwondô, poultry, everything. Masseurs exercise his craft on the beach. Some athletes walk the tightrope (the strings are extended between the trees); others do bar exercises.

Many sports competitions are held on the beach, in temporary premises made especially for each event, in excerpts where the sand range is wider.

Many concerts are held on the beach – with stage, lighting, sound installation, etc. made for each event. Many important artists already performed on the sands of Copacabana – national and international.

The show better known is the traditional new year's Eve party in Copacabana – an unforgettable feast, with Fireworks and concerts at various points from the beach. Cruise ships and yachts attend, to watch the spectacle of the sea – and end up doing part of the show, with their Faerie lighting. On that day, the sea is full of flowers, released to waters in offering to Iemanjá and other gods of religions of African origin.

Along the beach, there is a bike path – that goes from one end to another of the beach and continues up to Ipanema, Leblon and later. You can rent bicycles at various points from the beach.

Atlantic Avenue, which goes from the beach, there are restaurants, bars and clubs of all kinds. Most have outdoor tables, so that you can enjoy the scenery and cool off with the marine breeze. The cuisine from around the world are represented in these places – cuisine for all tastes.

At any time of day or night; in the summer and in winter, there are people on the beach or on sidewalks of Copacabana beach, one of the most important places of the city.

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Sunday bikes

Cycling in Rio de Janeiro is a delicious, healthy and risky experience. Except some residents on the South side and the West side, most cariocas are lacking in bike lanes.

However Sunday with less car on the street and some roads are locked down for leisure, the Mission of crossing the city on the pedal becomes less suicidal. It is also the only day of the week that the Metrô Rio allows the entry of bicycles.

Thus was born the mission Tijuca-Leblon, round trip, on skinny.

Ida (the street)

Dividing space with cars and buses that part of the route was subsequently labelled "Rambo".  Hype aside, it's not impossible, but it takes a lot of attention at intersections and in the holes of asphalt. The trick is trying to follow, wherever possible, in the same direction of the cars.

An alternative for those who get out da Tijuca is crossing the viaduct Paulo de Frontin, get inside the Estácio (Rua Estácio Sá lifetime, Rua Frei mug, always in the stream of cars), Lapa, Glória and Aterro. The more complicated passages are in the tunnel Martins de Sá (it's good to have signage on bike) and Rua Riachuelo, in Lapa, on account of the great movement. Another tip is to get just the catwalk of the glory to come up in the Landfill and not of MAM, which can be deserted depending on the time. For those who want adrenaline is great.

Arriving at the Landfill is to relax and enjoy the view. Space for riding not lacking, beyond the beach bike path, has the slopes closed. The tour is very enjoyable.

The ride took about 1:0 until the final destination, the beach of Leblon.

Back (subway)

Finished enjoying a beach it's time to get back. The pace until Siqueira Campos Station, in Copacabana -by bike path following Rim by street bikelane Figueiredo de Magalhães to the door of the Metro is very quiet. Option is the most recommended for those who don't want a lot of emotions.

Metro officials are well targeted and will indicate the door beside the roulette to go with the bike. You must pay passage usually may not be on top of the bike inside the station and down/up the stairs, is on his arm.

VI Week of poetry

World Poetry Day is approaching. To celebrate the date, the movement "by a River Capital of Poetry" organized the VI Poetry week.Different literary events bring more poetry to cariocas. Check the schedule:

Thursday, March 14

Friday, March 15

Saturday, March 16

  • Poetic Garden | Rue Robert Schumann, 193 (Jardim América) | 19:00

Sunday, March 17

Monday, March 18

  • Spoken Poetry lesson at Home Poem | Palino Fernandes Street (Botafogo) | 20:00

March 19

  • Poetry in Feast | Escola Municipal João VI-r. Darke de Mattos, 166 (Higienópolis) | 10:00
  • II Central Soiree | Brazil-Central State College r. Rio Grande do Sul, 49 (Meier) | 16:00

March 20

  • Poetry in Feast | Escola Municipal João VI-r. Darke de Mattos, 166 (Higienópolis) | 10:00

March 21

Follow the information in the Capital by a river of poetry.

Weekend roadmap: Congratulations, Rio!

"Wonder City. Purgatory of beauty and chaos ". Is the sound of Rio 40º we give our congratulations to wonderful city. At the height of the form, she doesn't even seem that is celebrating 448 years. Your scenarios agree always different and we never get tired of. The charm and the elegance of its residents give the finishing touch to this beautiful, crazy and unique experience that is living in the River. Parties and concerts will not miss to celebrate this anniversary. After all, life of Rio. Laugh, chat, flirting, kissing, dating, jokes, joke. Good, eh?!

Friday, 1

This pro Carpenter!
Since we are cariocas and today is anniversary of Rio, are we that we get the gifts. The case of Rio de Janeiro have many postcards to sing happy birthday. Choose one and take the opportunity to enjoy before the evening start.  

Check out the full schedule Friday

Saturday, 2

This pro Carpenter!
If the weather is better can also face a trail and be delighted by the sights that are ... lose the words.

Check out the full schedule Saturday

Sunday, 3

This pro Carpenter!
Choosing the destination of that Sunday as Lapa you can give by taking advantage of the tour to enjoy the Arches. Maybe not give that climb on Santa for lunch at the Miner's bar?! Take a walk at Largo dos Guimarães, Curvelo and the Park of the ruins.
But if the choice was the South, your gift can be a paced on the edge to make the track closed. Run, play, enjoy and take many pictures.

Check out the full agenda Sunday


See the Gallery of photos submitted on Instagram and in Facebook TodoRio.

Weekend roadmap: it is weekend!

Are 6 whole days to celebrate. Counting holidays and "amendments", the locals will have enough time to rest and get more bored, a little bit of Rio de Janeiro. The events promise to coloring the four corners City: North zone to the West, passing through the southern and central area.

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Day of conscious consumption

Buy without thinking and discard outdated thoughts are constantly. Or, at least, should be. Act on behalf of the environment, as well as being fundamental to our survival, gives us a more harmonious life. If you've never tried it, enjoy. October 15 day is celebrated the day of conscious consumption.

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March for Alphabetisation

The March for Alphabetisation happens tomorrow, on children's day, on the beach of Copacabana (corner with rua Sá Ferreira), at 10:0. The project is an initiative of Dancing To No Music.

River Festival 2012

For film buffs this season is much more than the spring. It's time to prepare for the marathon that lies ahead. With 400 films being shown in about 30 places around town, is back on the beloved, and long-awaited, Rio Festival. From September 27 to October 11 Rio de Janeiro will live cinema once again.
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Weekend roadmap: In Portuguese

Brazilian music presents the locals with a weekend dance. Different shows and parties of all the rhythms that our mix provides amongst the programming. Best of all is that you will be able to sing along and know exactly what you're singing.

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Holidays in the cold

It is indisputable, cariocas don't like cloudy days ... But, C'mon, the winter of Rio de Janeiro has its positive side. The beautiful intense blue sky days and pleasant climate are perfect to enjoy a beach with warm water or spend the day riding. Check out these and other tips to occupy very well your winter vacation!

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120 years of Copacabana

Affectionately called Princess of the sea, 120 years in Copacabana celebrates Friday (day 06). The neighborhood, which houses the most famous Boardwalk of Brazil, in addition to a busy nightlife and the largest Fireworks, represents very well the warm mixture of Cariocas. To celebrate, nothing like enjoy a full day of walking in the neighborhood.

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Marcha das Loafers

The day may 26 was not a routine Saturday to Copacabana. Under the blue sky, about 300 people occupied three of the four lanes of Atlantic Avenue to the second gear of Loafers in Rio de Janeiro. Tits to show if incorporated to ondulosa landscape of the postcard of the city. But, a poster said the who was unsuspecting: "it's not about sex, it's about violence".

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Weekend roadmap: rain or shine

Elevator conversation seems to, but is not, that time walks even crazy. An hour it's cold, another opens world's biggest Sun, suddenly it rains this week was hard to predict. But, make rain or shine, it's weekend and you deserve to have fun. While São Pedro do not decide and the weather forecast will not set, prepare a roadmap with programming for both options, so do not have error.
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Viradão Carioca 2012

From 4 to 6 may Rio de Janeiro will turn into a large open-air stage. Viradão Carioca, is bringing more than 60 attractions scattered throughout the 4 corners of the city. Luan Santana, Fiuk, Monoblock and Lulu Santos are among the guests.

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World Bike Tour

The World Bike Tour arrives for the first time to Rio de Janeiro. Aside from stimulating the use of the bicycle in daily life, the project draws attention to social and environmental problems of big cities. With different activities, which will be carried out during the month, the idea is to ride by a society healthier and cleaner air.

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Sports in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro's 2016 Olympic headquarters is not the toa. A quick stroll through the town and hundreds of cariocas running, cycling, skating and surfing. The scenario of the wonderful city certainly stimulates and inspires the practice of a wide variety of sports. With that in mind we launched the Rio sports guide.
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King and Queen of the sea circuit

Say that Rio de Janeiro is the ideal place to play sports is to run the serious risk of falling into the obviousness. Headquarters of the 2016 Olympic Games, each day more sporting events choose the city as backdrop. The Circuit Light King and Queen of the sea just disclose your schedule to 2012. Among the novelties, is the prize money for the winners.

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CCBB on verge of Copacabana

The CCBB reaches out to areias de Copacabana with different shows and educational and cultural activities. The project takes place in the 17 Kiosk and counts with the presence of singers, Moacyr Luz, Elisa Addor and Gabriel Cavalcante. Will get plenty of Brazilian music to animate the Saturday of February. In addition to shows, they will have workshops on Sundays.

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360º summer

Betting on the best season Skol beer, prepared a special summer for the carioca. Are different musical attractions, DJs, graffiti workshops, slackline lessons and surfing experience.

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Project Rio Summer 2012

The Sun has not yet appeared with the well-known power of the summer in Rio, but the station programming is already boiling. The Rio Summer project brings to the sands of the city a bundle of fun featuring concerts, recreation for the kids, sports activities and more.

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New year's Eve 2012 in Rio de Janeiro

The new year approaches, and the celebrations are scheduled throughout the city. On the beaches, preparations are underway, and many parties promise to mark the turn of the year.

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The Surroundings

African religions

Traditionally, the adherents of religions of African origin, such as candomblé and umbanda, perform religious ceremonies on Copacabana beach end of year-with songs, dances, flowers and candles. These ceremonies-without taking into account the religious aspect-are very beautiful and interesting, and generally take place on 30 December each year.

Flowers in the sea

The tradition of throwing flowers into the sea in the new year, in offering to Iemanjá-goddess of the sea-has its origins in African religions. But the custom was adopted by cariocas of all religions, that on the last day of the year playing flowers into the sea, and direct requests and prayers to the goddess. Tradition says that if Iemanjá accept the flowers-if not the return to the Sea-Beach, the request will take place.
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