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Praça Marechal Floriano
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Passeio Público
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Praça Marechal Floriano
Mon to Sun, holiday and holiday Eve: 12:0 am
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The Square

Almost everyone Cinelândia square knows. Some may even know that the region won the affectionate nickname in 1920, by which time housed the best cinemas of the city. But few know his name Marechal Floriano Square: official.

The square was born and grew up after the Francisco Serrador project Spanish: a block of shops, offices and cinemas-4 at the time of the most modern rooms. The offices and shops are still present, only the cinemas already Odeon survives, imposing and with a special programming!

The region also deserves special attention by its architecture. In his outline, the majority of the building still maintains the same facade construction. In addition, beautiful palaces located in praça give rise to the Municipal Theatre, the National Museum of fine arts, the National Library and the House of Councillors, which transforms the square numerous times on the stage of political claims.

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The Praça Marechal Floriano earned the affectionate nickname of Cinelândia in 1920, when it housed the best cinemas of the city.

With Carioca

The "Roll Carioca" will carry residents and tourists on a historic journey through city streets. The scripts, which run from common, were prepared by professors of history at the University Estácio de Sá and seek to uncover interesting corners River. Seven neighborhood will be exploited and their curious stories and characters come to the fore. The tours are free and will take place on the last Sunday of the month from May to November, from 9:0.


v meeting place: square in front of the Faculty of music of the UNIRIO. (AV. Pasteur, 436)
Duration of the ride: 1:0-1:10
Screenplay: take the AV. Pasteur Building of UFRJ | Benjamin Constant Institute | Pasteur | Escola Municipal Minas Gerais | Of CLA Research of mineral resources | Cia arerê Sugar Loaf | Praça General Tan | Street Ramon Franco | Gunwales of the Urca granite | AV. Portugal and return to AV. Pasteur, in the Cove of the Yacht Club.

Meeting point: in front of the restaurant Yellowing (Praça Floriano, 55-B)
Duration of the ride: 40 min – 1:0
Screenplay: Theatro Municipal | Museum of fine arts | National Library | Odeon Cinema | Sawyer Building | Mahatma Gandhi Square | Passeio Público | Arcos da Lapa.

Meeting point: in front of the entrance to the Park Madureira (Rua Soares Boiler, 115)
Duration of the ride: 40 min – 1:0
Screenplay: M. Park | Portelão (Quadra da Portela) | Main Line Train station | Viaduct of Madureira | Portela road | Belford Roxo extension Train station | Mercadão de Madureira | Return to M. Park.

Meeting point: near the João Caetano Theater, in Tiradentes square (Praça Tiradentes, s/nº)
Average duration of the ride: 50 min
Screenplay: Av. Passos | A. the Constitution | R. Alexandre Herculano | R. Luiz de Camões | Largo de São Francisco de Paula | Bc. del Rosario | R. do Ouvidor | R. Gonçalves Dias | R. da House | Largo da Carioca.

Meeting point: Praça Paulo de Frontin (Star Street)
Average duration of the ride: 1:0 – 1:30
Screenplay: awaiting information

Meeting point: Largo São Francisco da Prainha (Rua Sacadura Cabral, 75)
Duration of the tour: 1:0
Screenplay: awaiting information

Meeting point: In front of the bar the Planet Chopp (September 28, 20 Boulevard)
Average duration of the ride: 1:20 – 1:30
Screenplay: statue of Noel Rosa (Boulevard 28 September) or the Planet Chopp | Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) | AV. September 28 | Hospital Pedro Ernesto | Boul. September 28 | Basílica Nossa Senhora de Lourdes | The village snack (technical stop) | Av. George Bastos | Village and former factory Worker Confidence | AV. Teodoro da Silva | Praça Barão de Drummond | AV. Barão de Bom Retiro | Old Garden Z.


Weekend roadmap: make your requests

With the arrival of the end of the year it's time to start organizing the wishlists for 2013. Money, happiness, love and health. Which one do you need next year?

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Imperial River

Rio de Janeiro was the capital of the Brazilian Empire from 1822 to 1889. With the title came to be the only city to host a European Empire outside of Europe. Are still preserved buildings, gardens and monuments that tell the story of the Portuguese royal family in the city. The Imperial River roadmap proposes a tour to go back in time and learn a little more of the past.

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Other ideas for the River

If you went by the Praia de Botafogo, certainly wondered what it is that huge head in the middle of the Guanabara Bay. Here's the answer: it is the first action of other ideas for the River, which over the next few months will bring six artists of international renown to interfere in a way unprecedented in the landscape of Rio de Janeiro.

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Dance in transit

The dance relieves stress, increases self-esteem, develop rhythm, musicality and fitness, as well as to combat various diseases. Now, imagine if you're strolling through town and, suddenly, a dancer jumps from a source well in front of you. The Dance in transit came to Rio once again!

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Old River Light Circuit

In the midst of the Grands boulevards and the routine chaos, there are winding alleys and ancient architectures, giving wide ares the charming an ancient city. The Old River Light Circuit enables the worshipers of street racing can go through important points in the history of Rio, where dazzling the beautiful scenery.

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Parallel to the Rio + 20

The Rio + 20, which takes place from 13 to 22 June, discusses the search for sustainable development. Some other events, which do not belong to the official agenda of the Conference, but that are also engaged in this movement.

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The Earth Seen from the sky

View from above, the Earth may be excerpts, textures and colors never before seen. After a stroll through the exhibition the Earth seen from the sky, from the French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, his vision of the planet will surely change.

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Is Public Art! Is Tá Na Rua! Is art on the square

Grupo Tá Na Rua will hold today, day 02, release party EUR.1 Project "Art in the square" in Cinelândia, from 4:0 pm.

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In Carnival

Now it's official: the Carnival has arrived!! Confetti, masks, streamers and marching through the town into blocks spread into itself, tests, shows and parties! Is the time of joy, jump, smile for life of debauchery! So, we prepare a roadmap for you, who want to live the folia 12:0 am a day!

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Cinelândia ball

They say that everything that is good tough little ... If you speak it, we can say without a doubt that the dance of Cinelândia, promoted by RioTur since 1990, completely break this rule. The celebration reaches its 12th Edition, with 5 days long and several daily attractions!

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Old River Light Circuit

Any day in the middle of the week that if you go to the Centre of the city of Rio de Janeiro, the scenario is always the same: people running from one side to another, in a frantic and unbridled urban madness, a true corre-corre! This is now a real reason to run!

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2012 Pimp contest

Riotur organizes the 36th Edition of the Original Pimp. Everyone can participate, but we need to perfect in fantasy, each year the competition gets even tougher.
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Festival CulturaDigital. Br

Day 02 of December, begins the third edition of the Festival of Digital culture, which leads lectures, debates, meetings, activities hand in the mass, exhibitions and artistic performances to MAM-Rio the and Cine Odeonthe.

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The alternative band ' OK Go ' arrives at the River

The famous Jose Cuervo tequila brand brings to the city of Rio de Janeiro the band OK Go to a series of small outdoor concerts.

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Rio Music 125m
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Museu Nacional de Belas Artes 219m
Pioneiro dos Sucos 231m
Club Six 280m
O Navegador 280m
Sala Funarte Sidney Miller 281m
Estação dos Bondes de Sta. Teresa 292m
Palácio Gustavo Capanema 302m
Passeio Público 311m
Metamorfose 432m
Majestade Show 450m
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Cosmopolita 476m
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Fundição Progresso 507m
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Govinda 539m
Lapa Irish Pub 551m
Museu de Arte Moderna 556m
Semente 556m
Gohan 565m
Adega Flor de Coimbra 566m
Leviano Bar 585m
Grão Café 586m
La Passion Club 589m
Bonde Sucos 592m
Café do Bom Cachaça da Boa 598m
Escadaria Selarón 606m
Teatro Odisséia 607m
Choperia Brazooka 613m
La Esquina 624m
Casa Cavé 624m
Arco Íris da Lapa 627m
Catrin 630m
Bar Luiz 633m
Rio Rock & Blues 650m
Belmonte 655m
Bar da Boa 658m
Mestre Kami 662m
Monumento Nacional aos Mortos da II Guerra Mundial 672m
Boteco da Garrafa 678m
Barzinho 679m
Antônio's 680m
Victor 681m
Confeitaria Colombo 685m
Sabor Saúde 687m
Pizzaria Carioca da Gema 688m
Barbieri 693m
Carioca da Gema 694m
Bar Brasil 695m
Vegecoop 700m
Sacrilégio 701m
Mofo Lapa 701m
Nova Capela 708m
Igreja de São José 709m
Centro de Arte Maria Teresa Vieira 713m
Cine Ideal 713m
TribOz - Rio 714m
Sinuca da Lapa 727m
Beer House 729m
Praça Paris 733m
Rua do Lavradio 740m
Aconchego do Malandro 742m
Boteko do Juca 747m
Bar do Papai 756m
Sublime Relicário 766m
Mistura Carioca 767m
Essência da Lapa 768m
Cordão da Bola Preta 771m
Badalado 775m
Lapamaki 777m
Casa da Mãe Joana 777m
Palácio Tiradentes 783m
Global Café 786m
Boteco do Gomes 788m
Cacimba 788m
Teatro Carlos Gomes 789m
Boteco Carioquinha 790m
Paço Imperial 791m
Vaca Atolada 791m
Manoel & Juaquim 792m
Salsa e Cebolinha 796m
Plano B 798m
Bar do Adão 802m
Gargalo Galeteria 807m
Nova Lapa 807m
Il Piccolo Caffé 812m
Bistrô do Paço 813m
Lapa Café 814m
Casa da Cachaça 815m
Centro Cultural Carioca 816m
Tulipa da Lapa 825m
Igreja de Nossa Sra. do Monte do Carmo 828m
Gaspar 829m
Bar Nova Esperança 830m
Teatro João Caetano 836m
Sinônimo Lapa 838m
Sal y Pimenta 842m
Lapa Hostel 843m
Landro Carioca 846m
Praça Tiradentes 847m
Largo Albino Pinheiro 849m
CaipiHostel 850m
Quintal Carioca 853m
Mangue Seco 853m
Igreja da Ordem 3ª do Monte do Carmo 854m
Santo Scenarium 855m
BananaZ Hostel 857m
Largo das Artes 858m
FixosFluxos 860m
Multifoco 865m
Museu Histórico Nacional 866m
Praça XV de Novembro 871m
Rio Scenarium 875m
Real Gabinete Português de Leitura 876m
Galeria Scenarium 877m
Clube dos Democráticos 882m
Centro Cultural Memórias do Rio 885m
Gabinete 887m
Sushi da Lapa 890m
Santè 891m
Botequim do Itahy 891m
Lapa 40º 892m
Boteco do Chico 893m
Arco do Telles 894m
Bon Profit 900m
Pharmácia Granado 905m
Enchendo Linguiça 911m
Tempeh 912m
Samba Caffè 916m
Aeroporto Santos Dumont 918m
Albamar 919m
Bistrô Ouvidor 919m
Estudantina Musical 927m
Casa do Barista 927m
Bar do Serginho 927m
Armazém do Senado 928m
Antiqua Sappore 930m
Rua do Ouvidor 930m
Coccinelle Bistrô 935m
Manaita Sushi 935m
Zoubért 940m
Antigamente 940m
Igreja de Santa Cruz dos Militares 943m
Toca do Baiacú 945m
Peixe Imperial 946m
Tabacaria do Ouvidor 947m
Rancho Inn 947m
Café das Ruínas 948m
Dejà Vu 949m
The Line 951m
Livraria Folha Seca 952m
Estação das Barcas 955m
Polo Criativo 956m
Igreja Nossa Sra. da Lapa dos Mercadores 957m
Dito e Feito 963m
Balanceado 965m
Casa da Suíça 971m
Bossa in Rio 976m
Verde Vício 977m
Compão 979m
Varandas da Lapa 990m
Gafieira Moderna 995m
Grégora 998m
Reino Vegetal 999m
Al Khayam 1,000m
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